How often are your sales?

We have two sales a year. We have a sale in the Spring and one in the Fall.
The sale in the Spring is for spring and summer items only – shorts, pool toys, bathing suits, Easter dresses, etc. The Fall sale includes items such as Halloween and Christmas clothing, snow suits, coats, etc.  Please keep in mind we do not accept shorts, tanks or sandals in the Fall!  
**All school uniforms will be accepted requardless of the season.

What types of items are accepted?

We accept only quality items. We have baby clothing starting at preemie size and going up to size 16 in children’s sizes.
We accept junior size clothes.
(Girls sized up to 15 or XL and Boys sized up to 34 or XL)
Clothing with holes, stains or extreme wear and tear will not be accepted. We also sell books, games, puzzles, toys, infant bedding, bathing and feeding items, in addition to many maternity items.
We DO NOT accept any stuffed animals.
We DO NOT accept car seats manufactured before 2011.

Where is the sale?

The sale will be held at McDonough First United Methodist Church
near the McDonough square.
It is located at 151 Macon Street, McDonough, GA 30253

Do you have a half off sale?

Only items whose price is circled in red
                                                  will be marked half off.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards.  
A $1.00 fee will be charged per transaction under $50
A $2.00 fee will be charged per transaction over $50.

What are the fees to consign?

There is a $10 administrative fee that will deducted from your total prior to checks being issued.  Also, we keep a portion of your sales, depending on how many shifts you volunteer for. 
40% from consignors who do not volunteer 
(You earn 60% of your sales)

30% from consignors who work 1 shift (2 hours) 
(You earn 70% of your sales)

20% from consignors who work 2 shifts (4 hours)
18% from consignors who work 4 shifts (8 hours)
16% from consignors who work 6 shifts (12 hours)
14% from consignors who work 8 shifts (16 hours)
12% from consignors who work 10 shifts (20 hours)
10% from consignors who work 12 shifts (24 hours)

                                    *one shift is a 2 hour block

** Commissioned shifts will only include
consignors and spouses
 that work volunteer shifts.

Where does the money from the sales go?

The majority goes back to the consignors. The remaining portion covers expenses for the sale (management,advertising, rental, etc)


When should I register to consign?

Registration opens one month before the sale and it’s best to register then. Our spots fill up quickly!

Can I bring children to shop?

Children are allowed at the public sale, just not the pre-sale or if you are working a shift.

How do I get my items on the racks?

We have a check-in process in which sale volunteers will check your items for quality. In order to maintain the highest standard of quality at our sale, we must be selective so please pick your very best items to bring to sell and price it reasonably. Keep in mind the quality, name brand, and condition of your items. Please inspect your items carefully. Clothes that are outdated, out of season, soiled, stained, faded or with holes will not be accepted. After they are checked, you and volunteers can place them on the appropriate racks/tables.


I heard you have a pre-sale – when is this?

We have a pre-sale on Thursday evening.
 It is open to consignors and volunteers, only.

Are there any rules for the pre-sale?

Yes, only one person is allowed to shop. If you are unable to shop for health reasons, you can talk to the sale coordinator to make arrangements. There are NO children allowed at the pre-sale.


How do I know if a toy or game works?

We encourage consignors to only bring items that are working or that include all of the pieces to a game or puzzle. We do have batteries available at check-out to test items. We encourage you to do this at the sale, because all sales are final.


When do I pick up my items?

Consignors with last names starting with
A-L   will pick up from 3:30pm-4:00 pm on the Saturday of the sale 
M-Z, will pick up from 4:00pm-4:30pm on the Saturday of the sale

Any items left after 4:30pm will be donated to a charity.
Once items are donated, NO exceptions
Once the items are donated there is no way to retrieve them.


Do I have to sort through the items that don’t sell to find my stuff?

The volunteers at the sale will make every effort to pre-sort all of the items before pick-up. Each consignor will have a designated area in the gym for their unsold items. However, the consignor is responsible for checking all areas of the gym for their unsold items.  

Which charity gets the remaining items?

It changes with each sale. We try to rotate around so that charities throughout Henry County can benefit. If you know of a worthy charity, please contact the sale coordinator.

How long does it take to receive my check?

Checks are generally mailed within three weeks of the sale.

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